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How to Create an OpenEMR Account to use Demo

I want to use the OpenEMR demo, but I am informed that I must sign in first, and to sign in I must create an account, but I cannot find a link anywhere to create an account to sign in.

Maybe I am missing something here.

OpenEMR Version
I’m not using any OpenEMR version

I’m using: Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition

Operating System
I’m using: Windows 10


hi @jj_inno, do you mean these demos?

Hello @stephenwaite!

I mean these demos (which may be the same?).

hi @jj_inno, you probably clicked the portal link, those end with portal.

For the link you shared the 6.0.0 link there is the current production release and the development demos are in development. The only thing you could be prompted there is to register which is optional.

then you can login with any of the credentials for the demo data site or just admin for the no data sites.
Screenshot from 2021-02-24 07-33-40

Greetings, @stephenwaite

Thank you for the response and the screenshots of what to expect.

What you shared with me is not the experience that I had when I went to try it; I attempted to login via the “Special Demo Credentials” and was given an error that my credentials were incorrect, but

I gave it another try this morning and I was able to log with the Admin credentials just fine.

Thank you again for responding and assisting me with my trouble!

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