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How to create a referral form and a medical certificate

Are there any support videos or articles about how to create a referral form and a medical certificate in OpenEMR?

Hello! Yes, OpenEMR does provide tools that should do what you want.

OpenEMR also calls Referrals ‘Transactions’, and has a default form for them.
Open a patient record and in their dashboard, select ‘Transactions’ (first image below)
the print form button (second image below) lets you print the stock referral form (third image below)

You can customize that form at:

Alternatively, follow the steps in the OpenEMR wiki page to create a document template which can look much more attractive but has different data merge capabilities:

This template is suitable for making a certificate but may not be able to access enough, or the right sort of, data for a referral form.

Good luck! - Harley

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@htuck Hi!!! Thank you very much.

you’re very welcome. I wrote the document and am happy to clarify anything that is poorly written (!) . sjpadgett the dev is very active on this forum and is responsive to questions about the inner functionality of the module, if you have any.
Good luck- HT

Actually I’ve created both referral form and medical certificate using LBV Forms using this document.

but I can’t save the details. What I want to do is to enable the doctor to enter the details, then when he clicks save and print button, the form should be generated with the inserted details.

Do you know anything about this?