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How to create a module in OpenEMR

I am referencing a thread that is talking about modules. I am using the FAXSMS module as a guide. So, I am trying to create a skeleton that can be used to springboard creating a module. The module code that I have posted is visible in the Modules Manager.

Once I register the module and enable it. I was expecting the module menu to show the link to the module. It does not. I am not sure what would cause the link to appear on the menu.

@adunsulag has done a tremendous amount of structure building towards this process. Thank you.
If I could get the theory behind the construct. It might be easier to complete the basic skeleton.
@sjpadgett @mdsupport are masterminded as well.

The module skeleton is complete. Anyone that wants to build a module can get off to a quick start with just changing a few lines here and there. Replace Paytrace with your own module name and it should be ready to build on in 5 minutes or less.