How to create a input type file using layout optopm

(Ajit Singh) #1

I want to upload document for the patient but when i try to create a field from layout option from admin section . so in admin section i can add only text/select/checkbox only
how to get file field

(R Magauran) #2

Can you use the upload feature in the “documents” section?

(Ajit Singh) #3

I want to upload documents for every patient on their respective master dashboard where all the details are mentioned of that patient.I want to create a field for the same on each patient dashboard.
How to proceed with this?

(R Magauran) #4

What type of document? If you upload a file to documents section

  • Patient Information
    • Patient ID card
    • Patient Photograph

the image or document will show up in the section “ID Card/Photos” in their dashboard.
This dashboard section is hidden if there is no item in these document categories.
Is that what you were looking for?