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How to connect wordpress with openemr

How to connect wordpress with openemr

@sunsetsystems , Just to get an update on this, is this module no longer functional in more recent OpenEMR/Wordpress versions?

Looks like there is also a thread here regarding updating this module:


Hello prateek,
If this module is still functional, then you can check out these links if not already done.


I followed all step that mention in but my cms portal did not connect with openemr

I setup openemr and my wordpress site in local host ?

I don’t currently have a client using the CMS Portal so I don’t know the current state of compatibility. Could be it needs some work. Also it does seem right to move to a better app for messaging on the Wordpress side.

It works as written. I have been using it for a long time now. I did make some useful changes to the interface and I have documented them here:

And here:

The psychobabbletools mods change things on the OpenEMR end as well as the webserve.php end. On the OpenEMR side, I have added multiple changes to make the interface more usable. The webserve.php was significantly modified to work with cartpaujpm and CFDB. You do not have to use this modified webserve.php. CFCB was a great interface that worked with multiple other forms databases including the free CF7 forms application (as well as Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms). Unfortunately CFDB is no longer being updated and so little by little it is not functioning with some of the forms it was designed to work with, CF7 most notably. It still works with Gravity Forms and Ninja. But, I do not know for how long. Also cartpauj PM is written in an older style of html and is not a responsive design for mobile application. I also had some difficulty with cartpauj PM and download limits. I was never able to fish out where the issues was. It was a minor thing. But the non responsive design is becoming a bigger thing.

I made some modifications in the code to webserve.php to work with FrontendPM as a replacement for cartpauj PM. Frontend PM was modeled on cartpauj PM but has many more features. I have documented those modifications here.

More needs to be done. I am very disappointed that CFDB is not being maintained. So, specific interfaces for specific forms applications are needed. For myself, I really do not like Ninja but I do really like Gravity Forms and CF7. So I will be working on an interface that will work with those two. It would be great if someone else would just pick up CFDB and maintain it but that does not look like it will happen at all.

Craig- Im getting ready to connect wordpress to openemr- I have forms built in gravityforms - were you successful in connecting wordpress/gravityforms to openemr?

Yes I have it working on 5.0.0 using my modifications. I need to make some updates for 5.0.1. I am not done with that. It should be simple. I will do that this week and get the modifications posted on Github.

In order to use the Gravity Forms you will need to add the CFDB plugin:

I am also using a different messaging plug in. It is a paid plugin but much better than the cartpauj-pm plugin:

I will try to get all that up as soon as possible.


Awesome! I was dreading having to recreate the litany of forms that are required for this medical cannabis clinic. Thank you for replying. Looking forward to being part of the community as well. This is my first go round with OpenEMR, but looks like this is a solid community and I look forward to giving back

Can anyone point out what I’m doing wrong in connecting a wordpress page that submits something to openemr 5.0.1?

Put my wordpress sitename, admin login and password in openemr setup.

Added a page to my wordpress site, using the ninja demographics one from sunset as a test. It has a button at the bottom called ‘Send’, which looks like it does a ‘store submission’.

When I try that, then go back to openemr and check the cms portal, there’s nothing. Should I login to the wordpress site as a non-admin user when I try this? What else could I be missing?

Ok, found the problem (for now) on this post:

I’m running my own server, so the ssl cert is self-signed. Is there any way around this?

If you’re running a test, and the problem is that your browser isn’t loading the untrusted content, you could simply choose to trust the self-signed certificate. If it’s more complicated than that, though, I’d recommend looking into Let’s Encrypt.

These are my updates for using CFDB plugin with the CMS portal.

With CFDB you can use Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, CF7 (free), and many form applications. The author was out of commission for a while but he is back and CFDB is continuing to be developped.

My webserve modifications also allow the use of Fronntend PM Pro instead of Cartpauj PM. Cartpauj is not responsive design so very old school. Frontend PM Pro is responsive and much much more powerful.

I have also upgraded the CMS dashboard in OpenEMR to be more useful, automatically switching to the patient that belongs to the form or message and adding more information in the dashboard about the message or form so you know better about what you are clicking into.
I hope this helps.


Hi @Craig_Tucker ,
Looks like some very nice stuff you have. Would it make sense to get your work into the main codebase?

Hi Brady,

Thanks. I think what I am doing is fantastic but I do not see others jumping in here. If what I was doing seemed well liked by the community it may be worthwhile to add it in. But I am not seeing anyone really jumping in. So I am not sure if what I am doing is really any good in anyone else’s eyes. If you added it for me, it sure would make my life easier!

It may be that people are not really developing for the Wordpress CMS due to the fact that the set up for the Wordpress integration is not as simple as just installing one plugin. Then, to do what I have done it requires making some modifications to the functions.php fie in wordpress and also making a minor modification to CFDB (adding an id column). I would guess that is too much work for most. And I am a bit of a hack so I can see that I am not the best star to hitch a wagon to in my make it work kind of projects. I would imagine that is part of it too.

But, I think the developer of CFDB would modify his application with this if there was enough of a demand. And I think the developer of Frontend PM would make a openemr/sunset portal addon for his plugin if there was a demand. That would make my modifications much easier. And then it would be wonderful to just develop an interface that works with multiple applications (like CFDB does with multiple forms applications). That is what I would love to see. I really like the webserv.php file. I see lots more of potential here. So I use it in my hacky way but I am not seeing a lot of interest otherwise.

Nevertheless, I am slowly developing a scheduling integration with a paypal feature. I have most of it done I just need to add the routines to the webserv.php file and link it to the OpenEMR calendar. The other piece is adding a link between OpenEMR and the billing plugins for wordpress. That would be nirvana. So regardless I will keep developing for me according to this vision.

Hi Chris,

I just posted about my desire to collect member/user/patient data from my Mental Health/Cannabis FB group. It seems like there has to be an easier way. I know Wordpress well, but maybe I just need to brush up on Excel. I just want something that can collect, and then graph.


If youre looking for a way to collect data then export and graph said data - the easiest way is to create forms (i personally use gravity forms) that store the results in the wp database. Then you can export that information and bring it into excel for manipulation.

Im using this instance of wordpress and open emr for a medical cannabis consulting clinic here in Florida- so they need a way that the operation can function after the requisite forms are filled out and have a way to document encounters. Open EMR seems to be the way to go as it can collect the forms and patient encounters all in one place for the consulting physician and staff.

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@brady.miller, @Craig_Tucker
The on site portal is not working for me, hence I am interested in the WP CMS portal. I would like to pursue it.
Therefore updating it, or a good tutorial might be a good idea. Furthermore, once I am set up, I would like to maybe organize the documentation, or start a documentation project, such that the documentation can stay on top of the programing.

For example, when something new in the programing side is added, the programmer sends me a message, and I, along with other volunteer documenters get a message, such that we get started with screenshots and tutorials. That way, by the time there is a release, there are instructions as well.

Hello Sandra,

Are you saying that you are interested in updating the WP CMS portal? I would be happy to partner up on that and share what I have done and have been using for years. I have also been using an intermediate program with the sunset patient portal, CFDB, which may not be the best solution. I have been using it because it integrates multiple forms applications including Gravity Forms which is my preferred forms application. I had Frontend PM Pro working until a couple years ago and I did not have time to re work that but it is a good replacement for Cartpauj PM. I still use Frontend PM. You have to lock it down for HIPAA compliance so only communication takes place between admin and users. I have also made adjustments to the dashboard on the OpenEMR side to make it more usable too.

The webserver model used in the sunset patient portal is likely out of date. It probably should be built on the newer Wordpress API. I worry that the code for the webserver will just stop working since it has not bee updated in since I think 2012 other than the modifications I have done for my own purposes.

If you wanted to start a project on git hub that would probably be best. We could probably use some guidance from the OpenEMR senior developers.