How To in front payment

is still an option to process credit cards within openemr version 7?
if it is working how to use? plz help me @stephenwaite

hi @maryabisha , not sure, recommend using Sphere.

How Can i Get Those Details of sphere.Can you Help me @stephenwaite

hi @maryabisha , it’s in the link above

None of them will work if the server is not setup for https!

Thanks Jerry Psjpadgett I will check and update you

Perhaps a silly question, but will a self signed certificate be acceptable?

I believe so. I tested using a domain and both self signed and certificate for domain during development.
Though it has been several years since I’ve released current project, security has become tighter with both and stripe.
Note that I put in support for stripe terminal however since then @brady.miller developed and released the Sphere product which has superior terminal support. So for all looking for payment processing with terminal support and you can make Sphere work financially, that’d be my recommendation.