How to allow emr to send emails to patients

when I create a credential, it generates a pdf with credentials and tries to email it to the patient? But it says something like in the pdf:

Portal Credential Information
Email was not sent to the following address

how can I make sure to send this email. Also, is the physician’s portal dashboard only accessible to admins? Secure chat messaging also does not seem to separate different messages from different providers and are all in one chat box, is there some setting I need to change?

thanks a lot

Hello Folks-
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The patient portal and the config of email associated with it is documented in the OpenEMR wiki, starting here:

If you formulate more questions on the specifics come back to the forum and ask them here.
Best- Harley

Karley, can we configure gmail or email to send emails from within the openemr?
I tried but failed.

it would be helpful to avoid duplicate posts-- chances are some of them will not get answered. Please see your other post of this same question.
Best- Harl;ey