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How to add patient contact number to a Report - Patient List Creation

how can I add patients contact numbers to the Patient List Creation under Reports? By default, it has Diagnosis Date, Diagnosis, Diagnosis Name, Patient Name, PID, Age, Gender and Provider

Hi @SolangaM That report is one of the prefabricated reports that come standard with the community version of the OpenEMR. The only way I know of to add another column to it is to customize the OpenEMR code that generates the report.
I am not a dev, so I couldn’t help or estimate the work, but logically speaking it is not a complex change so shouldn’t cost much, comparatively speaking.
You might want to check the ‘Help Wanted’ category, which is the place specifically for hiring developers. It’s the 11th item down on the main forum page.
Good luck- Harley


Need some code customisation in the file mentioned below
File name: interface/reports/patient_list_creation.php
Line no: 305

add phone number to the query.

Hope this may help you.


Hi @visolveemr Thanks for the tip- sounds lie it’ll be as easy as I thought!
Best- Harley

@SolangaM Re: the code mods necessary to get that extra column, there are a couple ways you could go with it.

  1. If you know a PHP developer who will do it for you at no cost, you can make that change provided above, on your practice’s system.

  2. You could hire a developer from this forum to make the change provided above on your practice’s system. Thing is, if the form is simply changed on your system, the next OpenEMR version upgrade or patch that is applied to it, will erase the customization.

  3. You could hire a developer from this forum to create a modification to the code which would generate a fully configurable form and that code mod would be contributed to the OpenEMR community. As a contributed feature, it would be a permanent fix that would not get lost with subsequent EMR upgrades. A bonus feature of this option is that you would be listed among the Supporters of OpenEMR, which is always good publicity!

And yes, as it happens, we here at MI-Squared are one of the certified developers of OpenEMR code, and would be pleased to discuss this project with you. If you’re interested, please email me or direct message me through the forum.
Thanks- Harley

@htuck @visolveemr Thank you very much for your help. :pray: