How to add existing pdf file (generated in OpenRMR) on "Medical record" list section?


I created (added) a new custom Consult Note (form) in OpenEMR. When I sign Consult Note it creates signed PDF file.
I need to add that signed pdf to “Documents List → Medical record” section. How can I do that ?

I tried to do “Insert INTO documents set” in database about that psd file.
However, it does not show this pdf on “Medical record” list.

Currently, I guess OpenEMR has only “Document Uploader/Viewer” functionality where you can upload file by choosing file and clicking button "Upload’.
I need to add (show) generated pdf file by OpenEMR (existing pdf file in OpenEMR ) on “Medical record” list. How can I do that?

We already have Clinical notes. If not used then CCDA export won’t show.