How to add a "form with add" function?

How to add a “form with add” function ? … like text box etc adding works fine, but when i add text box with add functionality, it does not work.
This will be really helpful if some one can help me on this pl. :slight_smile:

Details please-- what are you doing, trying to build a LBF? Or some other method of form building? What do you see where you are?
Screenshots are extremely helpful.
Best- Harley

i managed to create a lbf form under clinical, so that each time the pt comes i can enter the echocardiography report if desired.

now i want the same form which is in openemr for “referral source” where there is option to enter a value or i can chose one value from the ones i added by using the add button.

i want this add button all over in the echo report, so it will save me a lot of time.

any help would be great :slight_smile:

Hello Robert

You can use - “List Box w/add” Data type in LBF form - to create a similar list box.
And you have lo load a list in the" List" field to pre populate data - as shown below.

Thank You
Infeg Team

Thanks thats awesome.

but there are a lot of thngs visible in the add drop up/down already, how do we make them invisible from the drop down, i just want what i add to be visible.


hi all
just tried and it worked… first create a blank list under lists. then add field where u want, datatype select select as listbox with add and under list select the emply lisy which u created.
Then it doesnt show any un necessary thing in the drop down.

The add button gives an error if we try to add numbers, but if we add to the created list numbers then they are available in the drop down to be chosen.