How to add 1000's of drugs in inventory

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to get familiar with the OpenEMR for a project I am doing, I want to know If I want to add drugs in my inventory in bulk how can I do that.

As of now I know that in the inventory we can drugs one by one but If I have 1000’s of drugs and I want to add those in a single go How can I do that??

Similarly If I want to add 1000’s of patients in a single go, is there any way to do that?


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It’s going to take some custom coding or work with phpmyadmin. You can search the forum for other folks who have successfully imported patients via csv. For drugs you can look at an older import script.

Hi Maria,

Can you please tell me this first that, is there any way in the software itself to do that or we have to query the database?

Hello Stephen,

Has OpenEMR not provided an option in the software itself to import the data??

It depends, what format is your patient data in?

I am more interested in adding new drugs in the database.

And regarding patients data, is there any specific formats i.e. preferred by OpenEMR?
We don’t have the data yet, but we will create the data in that form which is preferred by the software.

Can you describe the patient data you’d like to import?

As I’ve told I don’t have the patient data yet, but yeah in whatever format the data is required we can create the data in that format. But most probably it’ll be in CSV format.

My main concern is adding drugs in the inventory. Does OpenEMR have a feature in the software itself to import the data? If so how can I do that?

it’s not a built in tool but it’s relatively simple to import data from a csv into the database for either

@Arush drugs are pulled from the drugs table inside OpenEMR. If your data is in the CSV(comma separated value) format you can import it via phpmyadmin.

Also what Stephen Waite already stated is relevant if you want to use another tool a community member built instead of the phpmyadmin.

Thank you for the information.

Okay, thank you for the information

No, it can only be done by loading the database. What I would need to know is what format your current inventory of drugs uses. It has to be loaded into a spreadsheet and exported as a CSV file. My company has a template for that purpose but depending on the source format it could be labor intensive.
So what format is it in?