How to activate a Layout Based Form

(aterad) #1

I created a LBF form which was ok.
Then i unchecked the active box but cant locate where or how to reactivate it back.
In fact the form is no longer visible when i click on layouts.
Also the lbf id cant be recreated, i.e the form is still existing but has disappeared because i unchecked the active box.
Please what can be done to get it back.
A using openemr 5.0.1 (6)

(Daniel) #2

Which version of OpenEMR are you using?

(aterad) #3

Am using openemr 5.0.1 (6)

(Daniel) #4

Can you post a screen shot of “Checking” disabled? If I remember correctly, you can go to Administration->Forms and enable the form. Make sure to select “Update” after you make the changes.

When asking for assistance, please always attach a screenshot the trouble area. Just make sure to not include personal information or HIPAA violations.

(aterad) #5

Thanks for your response.
I do not think there is a need for clicking update in forms administration. That segment is for predefined openemr forms and not for self designed Layout based forms.
Layout based dont appear there, ( i may be wrong anyway)
However, moving forward, i have pictorial images of layout based segment and also indicated
the portion where u can uncheck the active box.
The problem now is after unchecking the box, the form will no longer be available in layouts under admin module.
The question is how can the form be reactivated.


(Daniel) #6

I was able to reproduce the error. I will have to look at the code to see if the form is deleted forever.

(aterad) #7

The code is not deleted for ever. The code is still pretty existing. Reason being that, the layout id, is still existing. You will know this if you try to create another LBF with the same layout id, what you get is error.
I will be waiting for effort from the you and other community members.

(Daniel) #8

There are several tables that hold a ‘sequence’ value that are checked when new instances of ‘things’ are created. For example, Encounters are a great example. With encounters, the encounter is deleted but the encounter id is kept in a single value table that increments with each encounter created. Here is an example from one of my databases:

Here is a single value table that holds the highest encounter number.

here is a list of values from the form_encounter table listing only the id,date, and encounter number in descending order. Notice that the highest encounter matches the date in the sequences table.

The list of other single value sequences can be found here. I don’t know if any of these hold on to the layouts, but I can check at a different time since I am swamped today.


I hope this helps.