How to access all patient medical information

Hi, how can i access all medical information entered for the patient in openemr .

Thank you

Which version of OpenEMR are you using? Are you looking to do an export or just view? If you have access you can use the reporting widget that is found in the patient demographic screen. (note - this is a test patient that has lots of junk data loaded to it)

Here are instructions for OpenEMR 701 but this is the same for most verions.

In the patient Demographic screen you can find “Report”

Here you can choose what you would like to see.

if you scroll down you can see Procedures and Documents



and you can print the report using the buttons displayed

@growlingflea thank you, if i understand what you said i need to entered in each patient name to get the data information. do we have a way to get all patients medical information once.

If I understand you correctly, are you looking to export all patient data for every patient?

@growlingflea sorry i was not clear, yes. export all the medical information

@Daniel, also if i would like to all the informations entered in the visit , how can i do that? i do not want to enter in each patient and generate the report. PLease do we have another way?

I don’t think there is a way in the gui to get all the information on all the patients, in some easy to read format. You can back up your database and that has all the data, but not in a report like fashion.

Whoever maintains your installation of openemr (if other than yourself) should have direct access to the database. If so inclined you/they could write a script that generates a report with whatever information you want for as many patients as you want.

This is the route we took for an insurance audit in the past.

@bearzillasquatch when i am talking about all the data, first i mean all the information entered during a visit. Exemple if i entered 10 patients today, is it possible to get the informations entered for the 10 patients data like weight, temperature also including the forms?

I just want to point out that I’m referring to a custom written script. But yes you have complete access to the data and therefore you can get what ever pieces of data you want.

The script I wrote won’t work for you because almost all of the “notes” and “forms” we use are custom to us. So, the data that my scripts pull from database aren’t in anyone else’s install of openemr. And i actually use 4 scripts 2 of them do different data consistency checks, then 1 extracts the data I want from the database and generates a pdf report for each the patient, and the last one decrypts the documents for each patient and put’s them in a directory with the pdf file for that patient.

It’s not a simple undertaking but it’s the only way I know to bulk export info for multiple patients at one time and have it in a readable format.

Is the purpose of your exporting this data going to be an ongoing thing? Or is this a one time event?

If I understand you correctly, you would like to print reports for all patients in a given day? That is possible to do but it would need some custom code. The report function works per patient but currently with the native code there isn’t a way to do more than one patient.

@bearzillasquatch , @growlingflea Thanky ou a lot for your interventions. What i noticed is that for me to see the information entered i need to make a lot of clicks which make things difficult. Maybe i am the one who does not know how to do it. I described with screenshoots, all the steps used in order for me to see patient informations

I need to go to report, Visit, encounter

After that, i put the all patient entered during a specific date and click submit

Then I go to finder, type the patient name as seen below

click on the patient and then click on visit history or i can go to report in order to see medical information

Other than a custom made report, I don’t know of a way to get that info for more than one patient at one time.

Someone else here might know some way.

I do have a script somewhere that actually exports all the patient data into a pdf. With some modification, we can pull all the encounters for a particular day. I need a few days to get it, but maybe on Monday I can post something.

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Would be interested to see this script pls!

@growlingflea Thank you we really need this script.