How should We Update 2020 ICD10 Code Set?

(Paul) #1

I’ve managed to install icd10 code sets in the past. But Im having issues with getting the latest code set to install. From external dataloads, Im trying to install just ICD10 CM codes only. I’ve removed the previous sets from the contrib folder and placed in contrib… Before trying the install, I also updated mysql external dataloads with the information found in this link:

Zip archive is installed, mysql infile is on, not sure what is going on.
Using ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS server edition on a dual core server, not shared cloud hosting.

When I click install, almost instantly it says it installed…then when I go to codes tab to search the icd10 codes, it lists nothing when I do a code search.

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @oldsoul, this thread goes over the process. Good luck!

(Paul) #3

Thank You Stephen! I finally figured it out in the thread link you posted.

For anyone else who does not know, you have to update a file in the library folder of openemr with new code, plus add SQL command to the external dataloads table.

Remove the old files in openemr/contrib/icd10 folder
Download and add the icd102020CM code zip file to that icd10 folder.

Now I can search icd10 codes and verify the new ones are also there for 2020.

Hopefully, I did not miss anything. Again, thank you for the help.