How secure is OpenEMR ? What measures have been taken so far to protect the patient data?

I am working on a project to create rules for CDSS for a hospital who are transitioning to OpenEMR. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Hello @Abhi_1987
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The question of OpenEMR’s security is a broad and deep one. It’d be best if you performed a search on this forum and read through the posts from others with related questions:

The OpenEMR project also has a wiki site that contains documentation on all this. Here’s a link to a search of the wiki:

If you have more specific questions come on back to the forum and ask for details!
Best- Harley

Thanks Harley … for the information.

You’re V welcome @Abhi_1987 , and like I say, feel free to come back with questions, we have a whole community willing to discuss the topic with you.

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