How many get benefits on Cloud-based EMR Software?

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jothikuamr wrote on Monday, February 22, 2016:

So many Forums I discussed that Physicians were Hate and Trouble in using Offline EMR Software because its Install Software, Maintaince, Support care, Training like this so many issues are facing. So have any one use it of Cloud-based emr Software like CDrive EMR Software, Carecloud

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tmccormi wrote on Monday, February 22, 2016:

Cloud based just means it runs on someone elses hardware. Several vendors provider cloud base / hosted solutions for OpenEMR and many end users have adopted installing OpenEMR on cloud servers themselves.

I could be wrong but I think your post is about advertising the product you mention and not about OpenEMR at all.


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mdsupport wrote on Monday, February 22, 2016:

Users of EMR software make a businesses decision when they choose who supports their software. “Cloud” does not update/maintain the software or provide training - someone with decent knowledge does. In return for the ease of implementation and operation of EMR provided by “cloud” or “hosted” solutions, the practice forgoes the flexibility afforded by open source and peace of mind that even if their internet goes down, the office will keep running without missing a beat.

If you want to advertise EMR solutions here, at least put a disclaimer about your relationship with any of the products mentioned in your post.