How Frequently are docker images built (for 6.1 and 7.0.0 releases)?

Does anyone know how frequently the docker images are built? Do we auto build those each day for the rel-610 and rel-700 branches? Or is that done manually on demand by @jesdynf or @brady.miller ? I wanted to post this on the forum in case others have a similar question.

They’re built by Brady at announced release milestones (for anything but :next, I don’t know anything about how often that thing is built.) Any patch that’s announced to the mailing list earns a rebuild.

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The 7.0.1/next/dev docker is generally rebuilt from master every couple weeks (would be nice to potentially auto build this nightly at some point).

The 7.0.0/latest docker is rebuilt after each patch from rel-700.

The 6.1.0 docker is no longer rebuilt after each patch (docker builds generally start to break over time and in this case would lose the armv7 docker since this build architecture no longer works).

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The 7.0.1/next/dev docker is now rebuilt from master every night :slight_smile:

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