How do you deal with medicines in other forms that is not tablets

(Richard Karinguri) #1

Hello folks. I have figured out that in the pharmacy module when medicines are not in tablets or capsules form then making a good prescription becomes a challenge. For example how would you produce a prescription of paracetamol suspension to look like this

Paracetamol suspension 5mls, per oris prn Quantity 1 bottle

or something close to that.
Kindly check from the screenshots my challenge.

How would I approach it better?

(Sherwin Gaddis) #2

I would suggest to go into administration > globals on the first tab Appearence check the box for Simplified Prescriptions. The screen will change to this minus the in-house pharmacy box.


(Richard Karinguri) #3

@juggernautsei thank you very much. Your suggestion has worked just perfectly for me. Regards.