How do you create an order for radiology from within OEMR

We currently use an external form for the providers to order x-rays and mri’s. We’d like to be able to do that inside of OEMR. I’m guessing it has that ability but my searches of the forum and documents haven’t uncovered any info that seems relevant to oerm 7. Any instructions or links to instructions would be of great help.

we’re using oemr version 7.0(2)

This should get you where you want to go.

@juggernautsei Thanks for the info. I know at one point i had looked at that. I don’t remember why i thought it wouldn’t work for what we needed. But I’ll give it another look and see if that solves the problem.


to charge for radiology like xry, ct scan you can do something like what i did. report you can save as document (upload) or can save in clinical notes.

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@Robert_James thanks for that info. We actually aren’t doing the xrays so we can’t charge for them. What we do is send people out to another facility to get the imaging done. What we are wanting to do is have a way for the providers to order the imaging in oemr and then our back office will generate the the form that is needed to send to the facility that actually does the imaging.

The built in procedures/orders part is probably what I’ll do. Thanks.

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I have examined the procedures/orders feature of oemr. I have a question with regards to how it will work for what we need done.

I added one of the radiology labs that we use to the address book. Then I added them as a provider under “procedures → providers”

I went to “procedures → configuration” and added a new “procedure order” of test type “imaging”.

My issue is that in setting up this order it is asking me to pick which lab to order from and it won’t let me leave it blank.

The reason this is a problem is that when the order is placed, the provider will need to be able to pick which radiology lab the order will be sent to. Am I going to have to set up a separate procedure order for every lab?

Also in the order the provider will need to be able to select what kind of imaging (xray, ct, mri) and select the body part that need the imaging done on it. Am I going to have to set up a separate procedure order for every possible combination of lab, imaging type, and body part?

I’m trying to determine if the procedures/orders feature will actually do what we need done. Am I looking at this feature wrong or is it not going to work for what we need?


You need a lab in order to set up a compendium/configuration.
So for an internal compendium/set of test you should set up a In House lab using something like:

To set up a Procedure Provider for in house add entry to Address book then using entry create a provider from Procedure menu.

Important to add the new internal lab to your test/procedure configuration. I’m sure there is instruction for setting this up on our wiki.