How do I import excel sheet with patient demographics into OpenEMR?

I have a list of patients & demographic responses in an Excel worksheet and would like to import it into my OpenEMR rather than retyping all the patient information and demographics. Thanks

Hi JJaylina,
Welcom to openEmr Community :blush: . your Excel worksheet file structure of data is similar to openemr patient_data table structue you can directly import phpmyadmin/database.

otherwise you can customized in coding.
If you want to customized that option you can contact of capminds support team.

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The process isn’t simple but it’s not too difficult either. Two main things are that your spreadsheet needs to have the same columns in the same order as the database table and the data in those columns need to be the appropriate data type as the corresponding column in the database table. I find the biggest problem is with dates. The database wants the dates to look like yyyy-mm-dd. That’s easy enough to manipulate in your spreadsheet program. Then you need to save the file as a csv file for phpmyadmin to import it.

Welcome to the OpenEMR community @JJaylina !
I feel a need to elaborate on the previous posts:

  • the image shown in @Param_CapMinds 's post appears to be the interface of some sort of a database management utility. In other words, it is not one of OpenEMR’s native screens so you will not find it in your installation
  • as @bearzillasquatch mentions, the spreadsheet’s data formats must be perfectly compatible with how OpenEMR’s database stores them, and dates are indeed among the most sensitive to incorrect formatting.
  • However one thing that has not been explicitly stated is that what you want to do is not a mere feeding of a spreadsheet into OpenEMR. A separate database utility must be installed to access your EMR’s database and a fair amount of data manipulation needs to be performed to prepare it for import.

This job is a common project in the world of OpenEMR support. If you do not know database operations yourself but you know a lay- person or IT hobbyist who has demonstrated competence in database operations and specifically in the MySQL database language, they should be able to handle this. Otherwise, you really do need to have an IT professional do it or your EMR’s database could be irretrievably corrupted.

I’d advise you to look in the OpenEMR wiki’s list of vetted and approved professional support: all these folks are known to the OpenEMR community to be good at this sort of thing. Both Capminds and my company, MI-Squared, are on this list.

Good luck!
Best- Harley