How do I hide or disable data fields I do not need on OpenEMR

(Richard Karinguri) #1

I’m setting an OpenEMR for our clinic. My staff feel that for our practice we do not require some of the fields provided in the default. How to I hide or disable data fields I do not need? See an example in patient’s demographics in the screenshot below of data fields I may wish not to have. Regards

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.0

I’m using Google Chrome

Operating System
I’m using Windows 10.

(Daniel) #2

Make a backup of your database before you follow these directions!!!

You want to go to Administration -> Layouts and select Demographics:

You can remove fields here. But.,… any column you remove you may want to put a default value since some of these values are pulled in reports. If the column is missing in the database, you will get an SQL error if you pull some of these reports.

(Richard Karinguri) #3

@growlingflea thanks for your solution. I apologize for untimely reply. Kindly help me on how to add a default value for the field I remove as advised above. I’m not able to figure out how to do that. It is true indeed when I remove some of the fields I get an error when I click on patients to see the ones in our records. Regards

(Daniel) #4

All the fields are ok to remove, except for “STATE”. To stay on the safe side, I would leave that one in there. Still, make a backup of your data before you mess with the layouts because its easy to make a mistake.

(Richard Karinguri) #5

@growlingflea thank you very much this has just worked form me.