How do I export OpenEMR data onto a .csv file?

Also, is there a way to convert all charts into a pdf or do I have to go in and create a report that generates all notes for each one?

Some of the reports allow you to convert the report into a .csv. For the ones that don’t, you can write a mySQL query and export the query into a .csv. As far as the charts go, if you want to do one patient its possible to do that with thee report function. If you are looking to do all your patients you will need to write a script to do that.

Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to do?


I am trying to export data to a new EMR and was told we need our charts exported as a .CSV and all notes need to be pdfs. Thank you!

How many patients? The process can take 6 to 8 hours depending on how many patients / encounters you have. Writing the script is 4 to 6. This has the capability to be a pretty big job.

Or you can export from source EHR all patients as Toc CCDA’s then import into openemr via CareCoordination Module.
I’d wait for openemr release v7 though as import is greatly improved.

Theres 9300 charts in OpenEMR and I want to take this information out of OpenEMR and give it to a new EHR. Do you know who I could ask to assist with this?