How do I edit a list box in my demographics form?

My demographics form contains a box called “Price Level”. I believe I may have put it there years ago, although I can’t really remember, so maybe it is there by default. Anyway, I need to edit the items in the list box. How do I go about doing that? Many thanks.

hi robert. Have you tried admin/forms/layouts - and then choose ‘demographics’ from the drop down menu, this lets you edit the fields in the demographics.

i wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘list box’? but if it’s the demographics forms then the above should be what you need.

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Admin > Forms > Lists > Price Level?

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Thanks for your response Ruth. Yes, I have tried that. There is no ‘Price Level’ field in admin/forms/layouts → Demographics; and yet it is on the form and functioning - I can’t work that out. By ‘list box’ I mean a drop-down menu.

Thanks for your response. Yes, I have tried that. It isn’t there.

apologies robert, i misunderstood your question. Pete’s answer was nearer the mark. You need to find out which list the price level values are held in. It might be worth looking through the lists in admin/forms/lists to see if you can see it. This takes you to the list editor then there’s a drop down list of all the lists.

it is certainly strange that you can’t see the field in the demographics!!

If you follow Ruth’s first suggestion, look to see which list is referenced – use the web browser to search for “Price Level” on the page, and look for other wording that may be more visible on the screen that you may have used for the actual referenced list, but that isn’t exactly “Price Level”.

That should give you the list name to look for at Admin > Forms > Lists.

Failing that, is there some way to usethe web browser dev tools, anyone?

@ruth @PeteBoyd I found it. I missed it last time I looked. Probably in too much of a hurry as usual. Yes, it is in Layouts, Demographics but cannot be edited there. And yes, it is in Lists, but you have to select it from the rather unobtrusive (to my eyes) drop-down list at the top. Then I can edit it. So problem solved. Thank you both.

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a pleasure, glad it’s sorted.