How do I? Community help appreciated

We are a small group practice with three family doctors and plan to start using openemr. Have installed a working copy however I would like to minimise the learning curve so would like to ask some questions to the community. Basically I would like to know whether my queries can be solved with my installed version or whether we require extra customisation.

To be very clear I am looking mostly at clinical rather than administrative workflow.

All facilities I am looking for are available natively in the EMR I currently use (Soapware) so if anything I need something more efficient - any help from the community would really be appreciated.

I have managed to create a patient contact and use SOAP or Review of systems. Now, How can I issue prescription for this episode…say I need to prescribe an antibiotic for 7 days, what should I do? How can I print a prescription for this (on A5 paper)

I download my lab results in the form of a csv table then I paste into my present EMR and paste results in a standard template which I then send a copy to patient usually by post - is there an equivalent method in OpenEMR?

I have several standard templates for certificates where the text is standard and demographic data is taken from the patient data…is there an equivalent method?

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@Wilfred_Galea While most likely some of our community members may provide some feedback I recommend reading through our wiki.
Many documents are out of date however most of the basic clinical support may be obtained there.
Welcome to OpenEMR and good luck.

Sorry here is a link to wiki: OpenEMR Project Wiki

Click on the pencil icon right most end to Prescriptions.
From there on i know u will manage.
Medicines you can add. :slight_smile:
PS: this is a demo pt… and demo meds.

Open EMR has a very extensive lab addon. Once you configure it it is actually enjoyable to enter the reports :smiley: