How do i charge pt for ECG? in an encounter

How do i charge pt for ECG? when the pt comes to opd. India setup Clinic pl.
During an encounter i want to do a few lab tests and an ECG, how do i charge the pt?

Managed to find a way. Working very well. Will share the steps in detail soon.

Please share. Iā€™m interested

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Admin > Coding> Codes
Next u can create your own custom codes which i had also done but later realised better to make an entry in cpt4 itself as by default that is selected and at some places your custom code category wont even show.

with this the item and its charges have been entered into the system.
next when you open an encounter > fee sheet
search for additional codes>

here u can charge the pt for the service.

next fee> payment the amount can be collected n receipt printed .

Thanks a lot. I will try it

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