How can we acknowledge financial supporters?

Hi @brady.miller -
I dimly recall in earlier days seeing public acknowledgements of financial contributors but it’s been a while since I’ve noticed any. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place?

We at MI-Squared- and other vendors must also- have customers who have generously financed bugfixes and feature projects that have considerably improved OpenEMR. I think it’d be cool to thank them in a prominent place, to acknowledge their vital support of our favorite FOSS project.

Since I’m not the one doing it, I don’t want to add significant work to anybody’s process. But what do you think of adding a mention in the patch release notes at the top of this forum? If the dev submitting the fix mentions the benefactor somewhere, like in a comment in the code? they could be added to the release notes like so:

Screenshot at 2022-10-27 09-25-38

Just thinking…

If somebody provides that info, then would be happy to put it there. Would prob do something like this example (if have the info for the item)

  • Security fix (reported by __, fix by ___, sponsored by ___)

Hi Brady-
Thanks for your prompt, supportive reply !
Hopefully we can spread the word and get some bragging going on the public minded outfits that support OpenEMR but have gone unmentioned up to now.
Best- Harley