How can I restrict users to only see patients created within their facility

Please I’m having an issue, my users can see or patients data, both those within and not in their facility. How can I adjust or fix this, either customization or through SQL Queries?

This is a really difficult task to achieve. There are settings in the system to do this but first I need to know which version of the program are you using?

In the config, did you turn on Login Facility? Try turning that on. The thing is that patients are not assigned to facilities. They are assigned to providers. When you go into the demographics, under choices. The patient can be assigned a provider. What is supposed to correspond to that is the setting in the user profile See Authorizations

This setting has not been aggressively implemented throughout the codebase. What I have found is that this setting was created but not implemented anywhere. It was recently added to the system globals and sessions but that is it as far as I know.

The system does not have a strong way to separate providers to see only their patients.

I’m making use of 7.0.2

In the patient choices a patient can also be assigned to a facility. Do that offer an opportunity for users from a certain facility only see those been assigned to that facility?

Honestly, I don’t know. You will have to try it. Please report back if it does or does not do what you want it to do.

Yes its possible I had did that for one client @Bo_Wang