How batch payment works

How batch payment works in openemr? the status is changed to fully paid?

Hello @Yara_Munees
‘…How does it work’ is a rather broad question that is difficult to answer when I don’t know what you already know.

Have you read the wiki pages on the topic? I know the wiki is difficult to navigate and find information in. Let me suggest these pages to start with.

If you search the wiki for ‘batch payment’ the only result will be this:

That document is very old and shows the interface for an early version 4 of OpenEMR. However it does contain useful information on how the batch payment process works.

Other documentation of the workflow is found here:


That 2nd link takes you to the specific step relating to applying payments; it would be useful to read the whole page.

Read through this info and if it stimulates more specific questions please come on back and ask them!

Best- HT

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