Hosting Open-EMR

(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #21

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(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #22

Rows 120 to Row 152


	if ($this->fetchMode === false) {
		$savem = $ADODB_FETCH_MODE;
	} else
		$savem = $this->SetFetchMode(ADODB_FETCH_NUM);

	if (0) {
		$stmt = $this->PrepareSP('sp_server_info');
		$val = 2;
		$row = $this->GetRow($stmt);

	$row = $this->GetRow("execute sp_server_info 2");

	if ($this->fetchMode === false) {
		$ADODB_FETCH_MODE = $savem;
	} else

	$arr['description'] = $row[2];
	$arr['version'] = ADOConnection::_findvers($arr['description']);
	return $arr;

function IfNull( $field, $ifNull )
	return " ISNULL($field, $ifNull) "; // if MS SQL Server

function _insertid()

(Brady Miller) #23

Hi @barringer7777 ,

Just reviewed this thread.

Several options since this is for education purposes.

An option here is to consider a very low cost option based on AWS Lightsail ($5 per month starting). It is currently in pre-Beta and plan to release the Beta option soon on AWS(with the production version then likely released several weeks later). But if you are interested in trying it out(and would be great for the project for to get more folks testing it out), it is working on our testing, and can see how to install it here(very simple install process that just takes a couple minutes):

Another thing to consider is we are starting to think about partnering with education/instruction courses to develop customized demos (with the goal of both supporting use in this situation and to compile a set of public instructions sets with companion demos), which is being discussed here:


(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #24

Sounds like a good idea…what are the steps to see Open-EMR on AWS for us?

(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #25

BTW: we are an Cyber-LMS educational source primarily directed to Vocational, Secondary and Post-Secondary students in the Health Care field.

(Brady Miller) #26

Just follow the instructions here for the lightsail OpenEMR install:
Install instructions

(Brady Miller) #27

Actually to be more specific, follow these instructions(same page as above, but directs to the right spot):
Install instructions

(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #28

Should we be accessing the AWS Lightsail platform?

(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #29

BTW: Lou Galterio says hello

(Brady Miller) #30

Yep, need to create a AWS account and then go to Lightsail. Then start the instructions from there.
(and tell Lou I said Hi!)


(Asher Densmore-Lynn) #31

@barringer7777 , we just released a virtual appliance for OpenEMR, and I personally think it’s a fantastic fit for educational use – if you want every user to have their own copy of OpenEMR to enter records into, for the cost of learning how to install one program (VirtualBox) you can have virtualized instances of the application running on every desktop. No misconfiguration, no trying to get users to type scripts, just click and launch.

The appliance uses the same infrastructure the Lightsail instance uses – you’re welcome to explore further at (edit by @brady.miller; this link has changed to ), and ask if you’ve got any questions.

(Brady Miller) #32

Hi @barringer7777 ,

Hopefully lightsail (or the appliance) worked out for you.

Let me know if your interested in the OpenEMR community providing demos and free support for your instructional use of OpenEMR(via OpenEMR EDU). We currently have the infrastructure to support this and are looking to try it out with a couple groups (ie. beta support :slight_smile: ).


(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #33

Let me know what would be the next steps to partner in the educational/instructional area.

(Brady Miller) #34

hi @barringer7777 ,

The goal would be to host the demo you use in the classroom setting on OpenEMR’s demo server. The OpenEMR community and OEMR organization has prioritized supporting education and have set aside infrastructure to do this. The goal in this case would be for us to build/support the demo(s) that would go along with instructional material that you use in your classroom setting; and then the rest of the community could also benefit from the demo(or a duplicate demo if need to keep the original demo available for just your classroom) and instructional materials.

I have a webpage that I just created to begin organizing this effort (note, this is just a startup website and when this project is more formalized, then it will get more nicely incorporated into the main OpenEMR website/theme):



(Christian Troson) #35

lots of useful posts and lots of useful links here. thanks guys for everything (i’ve never thought that sitting home doing nothing but searching for or such sites because of my health issues can be helpful, but seemingly it can be if you’re browsing forums like this) anyhow… you seem to be experts, or at least to know much more than i do… with this said, do you mind if i am going to have some other questions for you later? thanks for everything!

(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #36

Note: I have initiated AWS, should we continue with this or would this approach still be necessary?

Our intent was to modify some of the “course work” into “bite size” learning increments, and if this were the case, we might have to perform these tasks on the AWS site, and provide “linkage” between the (2) sites.

As I recall, Videos have been available for OpenEMR, and it was our intent to review these and further enhance them for Student Use.

Also, we use a “blended” approach to learning, and may have to modify the OpenEMR presentation to allow for segmental presentation and review.

We do a lot of preparatory for the student, including “introduction to EHR/EMR” segments and then transition from our “moodle” site to, in this case, OpenEMR. Therefore, we would like to minimize “dual” signin if we can.

Please advise as to “next steps”.

(Brady Miller) #37

Hi @barringer7777 ,

Rec that you keep working on your lightsail aws install as you develop your curriculum. And I’ll follow along and mimick what you are doing; and then hopefully at some point we can provide the demo(s) that you are using (goal would be for the custom demo(s) that we support to be the same as what you are providing regarding demo data, if any, and login credentials; can also control how often and when it resets including resetting on demand etc.).

Some quick questions to help with planning. Does your group plan to use standard demo data? Do you plan to have 1 demo or multiple demos?


(Brady Miller) #38

Hi @Soored , Always feel free to ask any questions. -brady

(Barrie C Fitz-Gerald, Ph.D.) #39

Link to Virtual Box seems to not be active…is there another to find out more information?

(Brady Miller) #40

hi @barringer7777 ,

Can find the proper link for the virtual appliance here: