Hosting detecting virus in file


Hello first of all sorry my english i install the program in my weh hsosting provider all is working perfect is a very good program but i get a message in my control panel thath my ports are blocked for file infection this is the full message

Reason for the port block

During our regular scans, we have found malicious files in your account which may be infected with malware.
Here is the list of files our scanning has identified :

Please clean up files listed above using virus/malware scanners. DO NOT delete the files directly as they may be important for your website to function. Kindly consult your/plugin developer before deleting and ensure that you have a backup on your local computer.

Note: In most cases, deleting these files may not be sufficient. You may have to delete the infected theme/plugin and reinstall to the latest version of CMS to fix the issue permanently after the port is unblocked.

Unblocking the port

Once all the files are cleaned, please press ‘Unblock Port’ button given below. Our scanners will scan the account
in the next few hours and unblock the port if all files have been cleaned.



I would advice you to try to use an amazon ec2 free tier instance.

This instance type will be free for up to 1 year and will also have 30gb of provided space.


ty for your anser i will try it


Mr. Maylat,

Remember to select an Ubuntu instance, since this is the easiest one to setup with the deb file provided in the Openemr download page.