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Hl7 Integration

Dear All,

I am new to OpenEMR, I require a clarification

  1. I want to parse HL7 messages - This is possible in OpenEMR
  2. Can we create a patient record automatically from a HL7 Message?
  3. For the patient record, I need to do medical coding - This is possible

I am looking for experts advice in automated creation of patient record from HL7 Message

Hi Kumart,

If you know the format of the messages you’re looking to parse it should be relatively straight forward to pull out the data you’re looking for.

My understanding is HL7 isn’t a very standardized “standard” two systems both using HL7 to pass messages wouldn’t be able to talk to each other unless they had a shared agreement on how to package data inside the message.

You should be able to create a new patient by inserting a new row with the data you pulled from the message into the patient_data table in the database. For medical coding, do you mean SNOMED, ICD, etc.? You’ll need to know the patient ID you just created and use that to add a new row to a different table with different values depending on what medical code is describing, medication, allergy, medical issue, surgery, etc. and provide the patient ID the medical issue is associated with.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your valuable reply Rachel,

I am having one more question?
Can use OpenEMR as medical coding system?

Can you go into a bit more detail on what you mean by a medical coding system?

You mean for billing purposes?