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Hi all,
In the past several months my team has been working on a module that extends the Openemr API.
This API extension adheres to the HL7 FHIR (release 4) API standard, and we are constantly adding more functionality and implementations of the FHIR standard.
The source code for this module is hosted on Github here:

This repository contains some other modules along with the FhirAPI module. Some of these modules need to be installed as a prerequisite to the FhirAPI module.
Documentation on how to install the FhirAPI module can be found here:

We are also currently developing a React Single-Page-Application that will communicate with the Openemr API, but this is still very much a work in progress.

Both the FHIR API implementation and the React SPA are projects supported by the Israel Ministry Of Health.

Just wanted to let the community in on this, and will be happy to answer any questions :slight_smile: