Hide deceased patients form Patient finder


Is there any option to hide deceased patients from Patient finder list?
Deleting patients is an option of course, but I’m trying to avoid this kind of solution…


Damir Skenderovic

hi @damir.skenderovic, that would be a nice new feature.

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@damir.skenderovic We modified the part where patient records are fetched and display active patients first. We also add ("*") to the patient name to make that distinction clear.
Patient search is used 100s of times by busy staff every day. So saving even a single scroll/click saves significant amount of time.

On a related note, there is no systemtic recognition of patient’s state. So unless you delete the patient record, your dead patient can have future appointments, encounters and billing as well as check their information on portal.

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Could we add this as a Summer Of Code project?
Add patient status to demographics. Refactors queries to honor. Maybe develop a new report.

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For what it is worth, we implemented a status for the patient record - deceased being just one of them. For practices like some surgeons, patients records are of great value until the surgery is done. After that these records are not really ‘active’ for extended periods yet they are not dead to the practice either. Each state has a manager process that runs periodically as a cronjob.

Currently code has to evaluate two fields to guess the status, not a good spec.

yes, a report would be useful - was it implemented?:

we were recently asked by our users to see a list of patients who had died. I couldn’t see anything in the UI so we got the information with an sql search directly to the DB (mysql) - but a UI report would be most useful - or has something like this been developed already?

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