Help with LBF forms and ICD-10 Dx codes

Quick question regarding LBF forms and including ICD-10 codes on a Lab Requisition I created. See attached PDF.
Lab_LBF_entries.pdf (103.1 KB)

I am able to select ICD-10 diagnoses which are listed as the ICD-10 numeric codes when entered into the LBF. However, once printed, they are replaced with the descriptors. See next PDF
Printed_form.pdf (80.3 KB)

I find this strange since there is an option to convert ICD-10 codes into the descriptors as an option, so why have it do it automatically?
See next PDF
LBF Layout Lab Form.pdf (148.9 KB)

The above PDF shows that “Billing Code Descriptions” is in the “Options” field, however in the absence of that option, the printed copy STILL prints the descriptor.

So… My request is how to change the default behavior of the “Billing codes” Data Type to keep the ICD-10 numerical codes? And, as a follow up, what is the purpose of the “Billing Code Descriptions” option.

Thanks in Advance!

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If you use the Diagnosis section that is automatically added at the bottom of the form, that does keep the codes:

To accomplish this, go to Admin → Forms → Layouts; select the form you want, click on “Layout Properties” located to the right of the form title. At the bottom left of the dialogue window which opens up, click on “Show Diagnoses Section”


Thank you for the suggestion. However, I tried it and the diagnoses do not appear on the LBF form. I will keep tinkering. My version of openEMR is 6.1

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Try entering them in the fee sheet.
Hmm, I too use 6.1.

Are you not getting this window which offers you the option to search for diagnosis?

Actually, I think there is a bug here. If “Show services section” and “Show diagnosis section” are ticked, the diagnosis section does not open, if “Show services section” is unticked, but the “Show diagnosis section” is ticked, the diagnosis box does open.
I have just tested this in the demo. I will post is github.

I get the window, but nothing is populated in the actual printed form.
And there is a diagnosis listed with the “Delete” check box.

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Try completing the fee sheet. The diagnosis you select there, may show up in your LBF

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