Help wanted: EMR customisation, provider calendar restriction and personalisation of main page


I would like some help with openemr customisation for a small private clinic:

I am currently running openemr 7.01 on an inhouse linux server Ubuntu 22.04 Server.

The customisation required:

  • Provider calendar restriction: logged in provider can only view their own calendar, without access privilege to other providers’ calendar.

  • Personalisation of the login page: own logo etc.

Please PM with quotation and lead time.


@Caversum I think the first bullet point is a checkbox in the globals section.
Admin->Globals->Calendar - “Providers See Entire Calendar”
Try unchecking that box.

For the second bullet point
This has some settings that you can change to personalize the produce.

As for the logo, i think you have to replace a specific file on the server with your logo file. I’m not sure exactly where it is but I know it’s been discussed in the forum here before. You should be able to locate info on that by searching the forum.

Hey DC

Really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately that Calendar toggle still allows the provider to click other providers in the providers box on the bottom left to select and see other provider’s calendar.

Thank you so much.

@Caversum Hi.
the logos go in the sites/default/images … folder. Dig down through there and you will find a folder called logos. The subfolders are named for the logo location. This only applies if you are using v7.0.1.x

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Admin > Config > Login Page > Show Secondary Logo on Login

E.g. logo.svg


Hi @Caversum
Re: the user access restriction, in addition ro the Globals settings mentioned above, OpenEMR has a Patient Privacy module you might want to review to see if it does what you want.

Good luck- HT

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Thanks everyone who replied. I ended up contracting someone to bespoke the solution. He was great but others not so much.

One guy quoted 20hours to accomplish the calendar tweak. Choose your vendor carefully!

Hello, I have the same problem, was the person you hired able to solve the problem for a doctor who cannot see the calendar of the other doctors? Could you share his contact with me? I am a doctor and I have been using OpenEMR for myself and I am happy with it, but I want to implement it in a small clinic where I work.

Consider this:

Admin > Config > Calendar > Providers See Entire Calendar

I have implemented one feature with restrict calendar access to logged in user

hi, it looks like we are almost there to add a config setting based on the work @juggernautsei did a little while ago.

Hello Ducketzon,

I second Stephen Waite’s recommendation Sherwin @juggernautsei

He fixed it up for us.