Help Needed with RESTORE

(Atif Mian) #1

I am getting the following error using the restore function.

I followed the instructions and copied the emr_backup.tar/Restore in the /home/ubuntu directory.
Using ubuntu 16.4 on AWS

ubuntu@ip-172-31-33-155:~$ sudo ./restore
WARNING: This script is experimental.
It may have serious bugs or omissions.
Use it at your own risk!
Now you will be asked for the backup file.
By default this is named emr_backup.tar, although you may have saved it as something else.

Enter path/name of backup file: /home/ubuntu/emr_backup.tar

Extracting /home/ubuntu/emr_backup.tar …
tar: Substituting `.’ for empty member name
Extracting /tmp/emr_backup/openemr.tar.gz …

Do you want to specify site ID, locations or database names for the restore? [N/y] y

Current values are shown in [brackets]. Just hit Enter to leave them as-is.

Site ID [default]?

OpenEMR database name [openemr]?

OpenEMR database user [openemr]?

OpenEMR database password [xxxxxxxxxx]? xxxxxxxxx

New OpenEMR web directory [/var/www/openemr]?

Error: Site ‘default’ already exists in ‘/var/www/openemr/sites’.

any help