Help! Digital certificate and openemr

Hi! I’m Rafael, a Brazilian doctor specialized in pain medicine, and would like to create an emr specific for pain, based on openemr.
In Brazil in order to not print the entire record and sign, legally we have to sign everything with a digital certificate based on ICP. Is there any way I could implement this with openemr?
I saw the excellent job you did with e-sign, but this is really needed if I use openemr.

Rafael Braz

Hi Rafael,
What is ICP? Do you have a blueprint for doing eSign with a digital signature like JWT?
What is the signature supposed to look like when implemented?

Hi, Sherwin!
ICP is the brazilian public chain infrastructure. The digital certificate here in Brazil is a file with extension .pfx. Is there any way I can sign the documents using this certificate already implemented in openemr?