Hello, Do you have any Location with new reports, which I can download


Have any location with new reports, which I can download?

With its described and documented features?

Hello @Ederson_Nascente
If reports are needed that are not found in the OpenEMR’s standard installation, they are generally custom- built for the practice’s specific needs. I have not heard of any repository of reports maintained by the OpenEMR org. And also, the design of the reports is not such that you can simply drop a new one one into the code base and use it- they are php web pages that are integrated with the rest of the EMR.

However, OpenEMR’s database is quite amenable to making queries of any data it contains. It’s not too difficult to install adminer or phpMyAdmin on the EMR’s server and run standard mySQL queries against the database.

You might also want to look here for some forms which CAN be easily added to the system and see if they generate reports that meet your need.

Best- Harley