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Heads up the patient finder is currently broken

Saturday I downloaded the latest from GitHub. This is the error message when the page loads. Version Number: v5.0.2-dev

DataTables warning: table id=pt_table - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see

Hi @juggernautsei ,

Are you able to confirm this on the development demo?


No, it is working in the demo.
But my question is the code in the demo the same as the code on GitHub?
I don’t really know.

hi @juggernautsei,

Demos are from the demo farm and straight from the codebase (they all update daily at midnight PST).

You can see more details on the demo farm here: Demo farm and up for grabs demos are back!

Note there are development demos for Ubuntu 16.04, 17.10(php 7.1), 18.04(beta version using php 7.2), Alpine 3.5, Alpine 3.6 (php 7.1), Alpine 3.7 (php 7.1)

I wish I could figure out how to get a Windows demo in there, but haven’t had time to figure that out.

What OS are you seeing your issue in? Also ensure you are not logging php errors to the screen; this is a common reason why things using ajax can error out (since you are breaking the connection by including php messages in the output).


I have a slew of Linux installs recently and the issue was on a Linux install. It is usually safe to download the Git and use it for the production (although not advisable). Usually, I fix the issues that are outstanding and go on.

Hi, my client is running into this same situation. We are running on a CentOS 7 dedicated server PHP 7.0.2, and they see the message anytime they try to update/edit/add a patient, or when they go to schedule a patient. However, when I login as the admin on the account, I am not able to get the same behavior.

If I were to patch this with a midnight release, which files would I want to update?

I’m a brand new OpenEMR user. I recently opened an instance under AWS. I’ve successfully customized the Patient Demographics Layouts, and registered a few patients. But now I get the same error as in this string: DataTables warning: table id=pt_table - Invalid JSON response.
I’ve looked on but I have no background in the language so before I dig in further, I’m wondering if there’s some information out there that will help me resolve this. Thanks for any suggestions. Mary

hi @MaryP, maybe one of your customizations to the demographic layout table interferes with the patient finder mechanism?

Thank you, Stephen.
Being a newbie, I don’t have a good feel for how to check that out. Could you give me some advice on where to start to research that? (I’m trying to sort this out while my technical colleague is away.) My plan is to go back to but maybe there is a more direct route to look at the “patient finder mechanism”?

did you remove any fields from the demographics layout?

Yes, I did, lots. Didn’t need them. What should I have done?
I can add them back in, if necessary.

if remember correctly, think it’s preferred to disable them

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Makes sense. Thanks so much.


I am getting this error:
DataTables warning: table id=my_data_table - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see
I could use some help troubleshooting this problem. Is there a way to check the integrity of my tables?


@gutiersa reading back through this thread. The answer is to restore all the entries for the demographics. Don’t delete things you don’t need in the demographic layout. If fields are deleted, the jquery won’t work correctly. So, restore the default demographics layout and that data_table error will go away.
Then any fields you don’t need, mark them as unused. That will hide them from the display.

Yes, I see that, the thing is, I have not modified anything yet. I could just have a corrupt database. I really did struggle initially when I was creating my instance in the first place.
That’s why I was wondering about verifying the database. It is so much bigger now.

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Why is it bigger now?

OMG, there are so many more tables.

Only partly broken, Selecting New/Search from Patient/Client on the main menu returns the entire list of patients from the database. The oval shaped “Search by any demographics” window (just below Calendar on the main menu) works just fine for us. (v5.0.2-2 on Ubuntu 18.04 > converted from 4.0.2-4 on 14.04)