HCFA 1500 Box 28 does not calculate units in the total

The total charges column should be 20 * 16. It is not. Is there a setting to turn on somewhere?

I checked the Globals > billing and did not find anything there.

@stephenwaite are you aware of this?

This is v5 (3).

In the Hcfa1500.php.

    // 28. Total Charge
    $this->putHcfa(56, 52, 8, str_replace('.', ' ', sprintf('%8.2f', $clm_total_charges)));
    if (!$clm_total_charges) {
        $log .= "*** This claim has no charges!\n";

I can’t find any reference to units being multiplied by the total charges. There is not any calculations of the units at all that I can find in the code.

I looked in the Claim.php and can find were if the units are empty. The value is then set to one.

        if (!$row['units']) {
            $row['units'] = 1;

But business logic dictates that if the units price should be multiplied by the units somewhere.

What would be the best place to do the math between these two methods and return the value?

public function cptCharges($prockey)
    return $this->x12Clean(trim($this->procs[$prockey]['fee']));

public function cptUnits($prockey)
    if (empty($this->procs[$prockey]['units'])) {
        return '1';

    return $this->x12Clean(trim($this->procs[$prockey]['units']));

Silly Rabbit:
The totals are not created by the HCFA form. It is only displayed. The total charge amounts are calculated and saved by the Fee Sheet. The fee sheet was not calculating totals amounts correctly. I have corrected the fee sheet modifications that were made and fixed the data in the database.
All is well now.

Case closed.

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