GWU Health Hacks

OpenEMR will be a mentor at the upcoming George Washington University Hackathon “George Hacks.”

We are able to submit a pitch for the event. One of the categories OpenEMR is well-suited for a pitch is Medical Technology.

In previous hackathons, we have proposed an open-source, 3D-printed vital signs machine, capable of capturing blood pressure and heart rate. We have also proposed a smart pill dispensing box.

What medical tech do you think OpenEMR should pitch this time? These events are 24-hours and generally reach prototype stage using 3D printers and Arduino boards.

Post your ideas here!


Something with radio / cellular capability. AWS has a specific starter kit for this:

Idea is for rural medicine. Take one of these things into a rural area, and you can set up a health clinic with multiple ppl accessing the server, cloud backups, etc.

They could also make a special “low-data” backup that heavily compresses data, maybe only does text, etc to save on the bandwidth and work even with just 3G.

The antenna / SIM card above should cover 98% of the continental United States. Haven’t found something that does rural Africa for instance but that would be cool.

3D printer for ruggedized case, attaching the cellular stuff to the arduino, maybe a weatherproof roof mount?

This is all very feasible but not sure how relevant it is for the specific Hackathon you mention. Apologies if not applicable.

Actually, there are A TON of cool Satellite-based internet IOT systems as well. A lot of them have rental programs designed for first-aid disaster responders who say will only need them for 2 weeks. So a costly system might rent for just $10/day: