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GSOC 2020 Proposal Selection Announcement


Congratulations to all the students whom have participated in the OpenEMR community and submitted a project proposal for GSOC! There was a large number of strong proposals, of which we felt there were 8 that merited selection to participate in GSOC. However, since OpenEMR is a new org in GSOC, we were just given 3 slots. So we had to select 3 proposals from the very strong group of 8 proposals. If you were not selected, please note you are still a highly valued member of the OpenEMR community and hopefully you will continue to participate in the OpenEMR community.

The 3 students that we selected were (in alphabetical order):

  • Amit Kumar Meena with proposal “Hybrid App Supporting Image Processing”. Mentors are Brady Miller (primary), Stephen Waite, Rachel Ellison, Asher Densmore-Lynn, and David Vu.
  • GuanWu Su with proposal “Refine Modernized UI for OpenEMR”. Mentors are Tyler Wrenn (primary), Robert Down, and Brady Miller.
  • Yash Raj Bothra with proposal “FHIR Integration”. Mentors are Brady Miller (primary), Jerry Padgett, Dixon Whitmire, Rob Hausam, and KenChapple.



Congratulations Guys!


Thank you, sir. And congratulations other guys~


Thank you and congratulations @stu01509 and @yashrajbothra. we did it :slight_smile:
A number of people have done their best and i am looking forward to working together.


Thanks you guys together we will make this summer very fruitful :tada:. Also thanks to all the mentors and whole OpenEMR community for helping throught this journey.