Growth Chart in 7.0.1

I have made a fresh installation of version 7.0.1, but the problem of the measurements in grwthchart continues. In configuration I have set to show only metric and Latin American language.
DB ------- OpenEMR ---- GrowthChart

2 Yr old

10 Yr Old

MariaDB 10.8.7
Apache/2.4.37 (rocky)
Rocky Linux release 8.7

hi @luisuriarte , it looks like the offsets will need to be adjusted for metric.

actually that’s not true, the offsets are fine, it’s testing ok for me, you might have to clear your cache.

Wipe my chache, still the same error. I tried in Demo 7.0.1 and there are also differences in measurements.


what’s your config setting for

My config. Show metric only

what’s the url for the demo you tested on?

thanks @luisuriarte , it’s going to have to be reworked since the us value was being sent to the chart.php script and now the metric is actually sent.

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hi @luisuriarte , if you’d like to test this PR that’d be great, thank you.

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thank you very much @stephenwaite , now it works perfect.