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Generated X12 not filling header with X12 Partner information


Recently the healthcare group I work for updated from v5.0.2(3) to v6. As a result of that change, whenever we attempt to use the X12 Options to generate an X12 to send to our clearinghouse, the header is left blank, have not filled the Sender Qualifier Number, Sender ID, Reciever Qualifer, Reciever ID, or the sender codes. This is a bit perplexing as it worked completely fine when we were using v5.0.2(3). When I checked the X12 Partner all of our information transferred over properly with none of the fields missing and the version we are using is being filled into the form as well.

If anyone has any recommendations or ideas on how this may be rectified, we would be extremely grateful. Or if this doesn’t make sense, please let me know and I will try to better explain myself as well.


Note: I do not have access to the code for OpenEMR as that is handled by another set of individuals of the healthcare group.

Edit-1: The billing logs show that nothing is wrong when using the logs for the billing manager.

hi @Endelis, it’s just the ISA record that has a problem?

it’s working fine on the demo:

just added an x12 partner and selected it for the ins co, then went to billing manager and generated the claim

Hello there @stephenwaite I’m not entirely sure what is meant by the ISA Record entirely, but I do not believe that is the problem.

Though when following your steps, instead of validating, I clicked to continue to generate the form, and all the fields were printed out.

The main problem we were facing was when we validated the fields, it left the entire top section empty of all of our X12 Partners’ information.

Though it shows each time I select a new patient group to create an X12 as missing those fields in the validation, it works once I press continue. That is strange.

I’m not sure what is going on there, but it seems it is all working now. Thanks!

If I realize that anything else is wrong, or if I misunderstood the problem again, I will be sure to ask for help again. I really appreciate all that you have done to help Stephen. You really brought us some peace of mind if this really was all that was messing us up.

no prob @Endelis, thanks for the feedback, maybe we can someday have validate include the ISA record as well

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That would certainly be helpful! If I understood the problem on our end correctly, then I can presume everything has been done properly. If I realized that I was looking at the wrong problem, then that is 100% on me, as OpenEMR is pretty good on making sure everything works properly.

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