Generate Sicknote / Medical certificate document

amineben wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2014:


I was trying to find out how to generate sicknote / Medical certificate document.

I explain: when someone is sick and doesn’t go to work, he must justify his absence with a sick note from the doctor.

I was thinking to create a report and put it in the reports folder and then modify the menu. But I was wondering how the doctor will be able to fill the number of days his patient must rest and the nature of his sickness each time he is generating a sicknote.

Thank you.

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fsgl wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2014:

Two methods:


  1. Select a patient.
  2. Bottom of Left Navigation Menu is Popups.
  3. Choose Letter from drop down menu.
  4. Create template.


  1. Download 4.1.3-dev from this webpage.
  2. Templates for Patient Documents.

blankev wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2014:

There is a ready form work note. I don’t know if OpenEMR comes with this as default if not you have to install it through Administration => Forms install, activate an enable.

But indeed the Popup version is not bad and can be changed with more info with little effort.

blankev wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2014: till tomorrow reset you can find the activated Sick notes in this Demo.

NationNotes is another option, or CAMOS if you activated the CAMOS module.

BTW the activation of this form goes through:

Administration => Other => Form

I hope this is what you are looking for.

fsgl wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2014:

Just added the pre-installed ones to Contributed Forms with a legend indicating which are registered/unregistered, givng a total of 89.

blankev wrote on Wednesday, April 23, 2014:

Additional remark:

Sick Notes is the easy one to register through Administration others activate etc. about 80 of the Forms has to be changed from directory to another directory before they can be activated. You need permission to enter the different maps of OpenEMR.

No guarantee, but most will work without causing problems.

amineben wrote on Thursday, April 24, 2014:

Thank you very much for the great help, and sorry for taking too much time to respond.
I’m new to OpenEMR and I needed time to understand all what you’ve said.
I think the Letter Popup is the easiest way to do it, I think I have to edit the letter.php so that I can add a logo and justify the text, I hope this is possible.

Thank you again.

blankev wrote on Thursday, April 24, 2014:

The easiest way to do is, IMHO…:

Administration => Others => Forms => Register Work/School notes => Install DB => Click on disabled (becomes enabled like the other Forms) => Find a client => Make or open any encounter for this client =>

Ohhhhh NOOOOO YES… YES YES YES … there is a NEW TAB!!******…******…stars in you eyes ******* more stars****** (no bad words intended) =>

scroll down for more steps to make the next leap:

UNDER Miscellaneous you will find you Work/School note back.

Make your School note, save.

Under the patient/Client menu left side of the screen click on => Current visit => Click reports => make a report with Demographics and Work/School note (so unclick all others) => Print => preview the result.

If you do not like this, go for the Pop-up and come back later.

Now if you want to get the Work/School notes under Administration just go to the Administration => Other -> Forms => Under Column Categories change the empty field on the Row of Work/School note into => Administrative. You want to make a separate name without the name Miscellaneous, just name it Work note. Or do the following to get the Worknote on the first spot, just be sure to use the priority order values as I did.

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amineben wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014:

Hi Pieter W,
I so thankful to you for the attention you gave to my issue.

Work/School note is great, but I need to make a certain page layout with additional text and a logo. what’s great about the letter is that I could find the template file, and when I replaced text with HTML, the code is interpreted. and this is a good way to make nice looking Work notes.

Your post was so helpful for a beginner like me. thank you so much.

blankev wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014:

You are welcome, it is a pleasure to see OpenEMR is a versatile as it is today.

There are times that I get the impression we need to get rid of the old stuff since there is too much new stuff. But there are users happy with what tey got in the past and don’t want a change. No old-age stories, but just enough and why do you want more?

Also, New Document template module (left menu at the far bottom) might be a good one for you. It is in the latest everything included Demo, but I suppose not yet in the latest official patch.

Another easy option you should dig into is the Layout Based Visit Forms.

There you can add NationNotes for the LBV-forms. There is a huge sample of explanations and purpose of the different include/exclude defaults. A great example of good WIKI pages with images prescribing explaining how to implement and what can be arranged and used from different parts of OpenEMR.

Don’t forget to keep us posted of your Discoveries, it might be of help for others with questions similar to yours.

amineben wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014:

I’m so amazed by the flexibility and all these choices OpenEMR offers.
I couldn’t find the doc on how to use the Document Template module. if there is a link I will be thankful if someone posts it.

Thank you Pieter for the help. I’ll be back again and I’ll do my best to help improving OpenEMR. I’m currently contributing to the french translation. Thank you once again.

blankev wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014:

left side menu at the bottom. I hope this is the Weekly version otherwise you have to redo all your efforts every morning.

blankev wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014:

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amineben wrote on Friday, April 25, 2014:

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Merci pour l’assistance
Thanks for the assistance

I managed to add data to patient notes. My problem is how I can print the information


Hello @Wilfred_Galea -
Please refer to my response today to your other post about printing the note.
Best- Harley

The screen on the left is the form which came native with openEMR. The screen on the right is what is shown in the encounter. Ideally I need to print out a certificate with our clinic details, patient details and the certificate text.

Thank you for your kind support
I really Appreciate

Hi @Wilfred_Galea
Ok, so I see this form was added to your system through the forms administration module. Those forms are contributed to the project by community developers so may have inconsistent controls between the different forms, such as if they can be printed, or how to print them. However in this case you can print the note with these steps (the OpenEMR v7.0.1 public demo is pictured).

  1. In the encounter summary locate the form and click ‘edit’

  2. In the note form you should see a button to ‘View Printable Version’. Click that.

  3. Your browser’s print dialog will open permitting either pdf or printed paper output.

I know that theoretically the form output should be able to be customized, like adding a clinic logo header etc, but that’s developer/ custom coding stuff and not in my field of expertise.

Best- Harley

Thank you. Very kind of you. I really appreciate