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Generate a Quotation without Feeing?

Good day,

How can we provide a “Quotation” to a patient without feeing so that info is not available under billing manager?


Hi, could you explain a little more? I have never heard of providing a quote to a patient. Is this quote going to be for service to be rendered in the future? And if it is a quote, shouldn’t the patient know what the fees are to be?

Hi Sherwin,

When a patient walks into the practice, sometimes they would like to find out how much it will cost to carry out a certain procedure, so they can be provided a quotation before deciding whether to commit to the procedure or not.


Can you explain this part?
because if you fill out the fee sheet, you should be able to print the fee sheet to provide a quote.


The issue is that it shows up in the Billing Manager even though it was just a “Quotation”

There are a couple of ways to handle this based on what your office wants to do. Yes, it will show in the billing manager. You can simply mark it as billed and it will go away. Or your can just ignore it and it will cycle out of view as time goes on. Or you can delete it after it has been given to the patient. Last option and more complicated, add a column to the billing table and added a checkbox to the fee sheet to mark it as quote then, edit the billing manager to skip over those that are marked as quotes. (the last one is a little over the top but thought I would mention it)

Thanks @juggernautsei

That sounds like a plan.

There is no standard build into OpenEMR atm for what you are looking for. Here in the Netherlands everything over $200 needs a “prijsopgave” which is basically just an itemized quote of what you plan on doing with them. If there is interest I could see about editing it for an English version (hard coded in Dutch, was lazy :zipper_mouth_face: :crazy_face: )

If you want to see what I mean I have a test server up (its in Dutch but you can maybe do chrome- Google Translate addon)

standard login/password

Hi @Julie_b

I am sure many other countries need a Quotation feature.

Please do edit for English version. What is the username & password for the test server?

login : admin
pw: pass

I can add it to my list… I have work for a client atm and then I plan on finishing automatic email notification, and then this…

Hi @Julie_b, that would be awesome!

Where is the Quotations on the demo?

Its an encounter form so if you make an encounter and under “tariven” (fees) it should be “prijsopgaven”

:sweat_smile: I found it, but thanks.

When can you perhaps assist with this? Or can you perhaps private me the code and I can attempt the translation using google?

atm, Im busy for the next month or so… If you can’t wait my advice would be to look at the code for the feesheet, copy it and change the sql code to a new table…

My code is to intertwine. I have default billing procedures set up, so for example pulling a tooth is always these 5 codes, with this material… so it groups those codes, adds the material, calculates the copay %, and then checks the contact with the insurance to get the max cost for that procedure and writes off the différance as a loss. It would be too hard to try and cut that piece out by its self…

@Julie_b you are my lady in shining armour :sweat_smile:

I am also looking into grouping codes and materials for frequently used procedures for both quotation and invoicing.

You have what I need. If it’s possible or not proprietary, you can share what you have and I can sift through it myself. :hugs:

@Julie_b Are you able to share the code in the meantime, so that we look into while you finish your project?

We might be able to decode and apply it already.