Gad-7 form to contribute

i’ve a contribution: i’ve developed a GAD-7 (general anxiety disorder) form which our users have been using for the last 5 months. It’s implemented in 8 files in the folder interface/forms/gad7. I’m not sure the best way to make the contribution? please could someone help me with the next step,

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thank you @ruth!

take a look at the contributing guide please

hi Stephen,
after a steep learning curve i’ve got a fork of openemr and have done a PR request for the new form. However i’m now getting a blocked message, as in this screen shot

can you guide me as to what to do next ? thanks.

by the way the docker and git systems are brilliant for testing and checking style/syntax. thanks

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hi @ruth, nicely done, thank you.

now the PR gets reviewed and provides feedback and then only an admin can merge when it is approved

ah brilliant, thanks, there’s no more i need to do now then,
all the best

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thanks again @ruth for your contribution of the form to the community, it was brought into the development branch a few days ago and will also go out in the next patch!