Functionality of Demo

(John Davenport) #1

As I search to replace Practice Fusion at medical mission clinics in Haiti and Nicaragua, OpenEMR has looked to be the best fit, but I can’t get a feel for it yet due to inability to activate and open the Pharmacy Dispensary Module in the Demo. Instructions in the Wiki reference actions that aren’t offered. I would welcome any insights. Thanks, John Davenport

(Feysal Abdullah) #2

login as admin
from menu go to Administration>Global
click Features tab
drop down Drugs and Products select “inventory and sell both drugs and non drug products”
login inventory menu will apear

(Jaz Michael King) #3

Hi John, I’m working with a mission to Haiti to bring OpenEMR to two clinics, and we are looking for feedback or anything you can share about your experience in Haiti using OpenEMR as well as if you are creating the required Health Ministry reports. I would love to get your insight on deploying in Haiti, thanks in advance!