Formatting invoices and statements for printing

(Tyran Mincey) #1

Does anyone know how to format invoices. Currently when we print our invoices do fit and window envelops. If seems that there should be a simple we can set the format parameters so that address will fit in the window of the envelop

(ViSolve) #2

We assume that you have followed the below steps to generate an invoice.
1.Click Adminstration-> Globals, turn on the Enable Posting feature.
2.Goto Fees->Posting.
3.Select Patient and generated the invoice
To include Address - You need to do some code changes in the file interface/billing/sl_eob_invoice.php. You can modify the query to extract the details to be displayed in address field.
To Format Address - Once the fields has been inserted you can make some formatting changes using css.
Hope this will be helpful for you. Let us know if you have more questions.


(Tyran Mincey) #3

Thankt. I will give this a shot and then update you.


(Tyran Mincey) #4

Hello, I tried to follow the instructions:

I logged in as admin
Globals - then saw now option for “Enable posting features” I check every line of every tab . Could it be differently worded? My version is 4.2.1 - think - I am at another terminal now.

Please advise, as I could not get past two above.


(ViSolve) #5

For Version 4.2.1,kindly follow the below steps to generate the invoice

  1. Goto Fees->Billing
  2. In the Billing Manager scren you could find various options on the right hand side, Choose the option which looks like [EOBs] .
  3. In the EOB posting screen, click on search to list all the patient details along with the fee.
  4. you could find an invoice column in the table. Click on that to generate an invoice.
    Let us know if you have further questions.


(Tyran Mincey) #6


Thanks for your response. I understand how to generate an invoice. What I am looking for however is how to format that invoice so that it will fit in a window envelope.

Under the current format, I cannot use window envelope because the address in the wrong position.


(ViSolve) #7

Can you please share the screenshot of which you have found that address is in the wrong position.


(Tyran Mincey) #8

I would be I see no way to attached them here. Please advise.

(ViSolve) #9

To attach the screenshot follow the below steps

  1. Click on the reply button.
  2. You could find various formatting options and traverse to the upload option (7th option from left) and click on it.
  3. Click on browse to search the files and finally click upload option which enables to upload the content in the text area.
    Attached the screenshot for your reference.
    Let us know if you have further questions.



I have been working on the same thing to make sure it is correct before upgrading from 4.2 to 5.0 and there is a glitch I can’t seem to fix. It shows up on the demo also so it doesn’t seem to be me. If you have a patient with more than one encounter and you go to print a statement for them, it will print a statement for each encounter. The first will have the first encounter on it, the second will have 2 encounters on it and so on. In 4.2 it would combine them and print one statement.
In formatting it for 5.0, there is coding in the same statement file for the global options of a text or html statement. The top is html and seems to be set up as tables and is very hard to move around. The bottom text area was much easier as far as just following the directions.

(Jerry P) #11

Just a reminder on invoices, next release the behavior of invoice has changed such that, it no longer prints an invoice for each encounter, then a summary, but instead, prints one summary invoice of all selected encounters.

(Jerry P) #12

Check here for some work done and ported to v5.0.0


Thank you, the sl.eob file was the answer. I though I had looked before asking, but I missed that.
For the text download you have to change the global/billing options to text statement in version 5.

(Tyran Mincey) #14

Because I am a new user the application will not allow me to upload the invoice. If you go to and look up “double window invoice envelope” and view that you will understand. The return address fits somewhat when the paper is folded into 1/3 sections but the patient or “bill to” address will not fit in the window. It is too low. If you send your email I will send a photo to you. Many programs give the ability to move the address blocks so that they will fit in the window of a window envelope.

(ViSolve) #15


As mentioned in one of the above posts, the next release may have major changes to the Invoice module. Hopefully this issue might be resolved in the release.
If this fix is not avaialble there, then you may need to do somce changes on the code level.


(Tyran Mincey) #16