Flutter App as Frontend

Hello OpenEMR people,

We are your group of computer science students and refugees from different countries. We want to develop an Electronic health record EHR for refugees on the run. For more information about our project, please visit our homepage https://www.univie.net/

We decided to use OpenEMR as a backend and develop an Android APP using Flutter as a Frontend. My question would be if anyone has experience developing the frontend with Flutter and using OpenEMR as the backend?

We found the Github repo GitHub - openemr/app-flutter-openemr: app-flutter-openemr, but the app doesn’t seem to use OpenEMR as the backend, but a different server.

Before we start development, we would like to know if there are similar approaches like ours. or if we didn’t understand the git hub repo correctly.

With kind regards

Haven’t heard of anyone developing a flutter app outside of what was done in the repo you mentioned above.
@PeteBoyd Is this something your organization would be interested in?

The flutter app does work with OpenEMR using the OAuth2 password grant. I believe it also uses firebase but I don’t know exactly all the details. You can see how the flutter app is communicating with the OpenEMR rest api here:

Its a very, very basic app.

Thank you @adunsulag very much for your answer. We are the team Univie www.univie.net and would be very happy for support if someone wants to develop the app with us.
Do you have any idea if there is a basic app in Flutter that could fit OpenEMR.

This sounds like a very worthwhile application and it’s great that you’ve chosen OpenEMR as its backend. Yes, this might be something we have an interest in engaging with, down the line.

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